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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)ProgramCalculation typeMethod(s)Basis SetEnergySolv.Vibr.Orb.
thumbnail.jpeg30-Jun-2021/initial_complexes Complex_4_H2Ortuño Maqueda, Manuel AngelGaussian; 09; AM64L-G09RevC.01Single point MinimumRM06SDD 6-31G(D) 6-31G(D,P) GEN-1968.07177083; Eh
thumbnail.jpeg8-Aug-2022val-TS-UROrtuño Maqueda, Manuel AngelGaussian; 16; ES64L-G16RevC.01Single point MinimumRM06LANL2DZ 6-31+G(D,P) 6-31G(D,P) GEN-2221.15874570; Eh
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